The wine season is beginning to "hot up" folks, and I thought it good to send everyone an update. We have a JAZZ-at-the-Winery evening scheduled for this Friday (Sept. 11 at 5-8 PM), and a "wine season" wine pack that is absolutely beyond all expectations. We're also beginning to schedule the picking, crush and pressing of the grapes!!! MORE BELOW...


Sep 11 (510) 915-5463 • Pick up of Wineclub SEPTEMBER Release packs
Sep 11 5 - 8 PM • BLUESWING Jazz at the Winery!
Sep 9 2 PM or so • MALBEC grapes, coming in for crush
Sep 12 2:00 to 7:00 PM

• CHARDONNAY crush, stem & press
• SANGIOVESE crush, stem & let rest


The SEPTEMBER Wine Club packs are ready to pick up. This release is only a 2 bottle release - as it highlights the absolutely stunning Boadaceia (pronounced "bow-DAY-shuh"), our $62.00 reserve release 2007 Meritage. On two subsequent evenings a few weeks ago, our tasting team went through dozens of combinations of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Mouvedre to see if we could compose a classic California meritage.

During the tasting, it was vexing - for every addition of a varietal diluted another flavor that was key to the whole. However, after 27 trials, we found a very special blend of the Cab, Merlot, Cab Franc, Malbec and Mouvedre that was the hands-down winner. Soft, velvety, smooth, assertively tannic, modestly fruity, deeply oaky, filled full of spices, toasted wheat, perfectly balanced between "dry" and "rich". As winemaker, I've rarely had as good a Meritage straight from the fresh bottling.

WE WILL NOT be having a special "wineclub event" to memorialize this release - the wine season is here, and it is going to be hard to incorporate events with all the fruit bins and winery activity. HOWEVER, please visit us during our regular scheduled hours. We're going to be rolling the wine-bins to the parking lot on weekends, so that the place is open.


Cathi Walkup and Brian Byrnes will be joining us September 11 (5 to 8 PM) for a special performance of the Blue Swing quartet. The "cover" is $15 per person, which funds the band, a nice glass of wine and some assorted nibbles. Additional glasses will be available for five dollars apiece. We're going to try the "ticket system", to streamline the money side (and to allow you to use credit cards for by-the-glass drinks.)

Cathi & Brian's band selected Irish Monkey Cellars ... because its a cool venue, and because they're excited about having both their own membership list and ours conjoin for the event. Please think about keeping the evening open!


There will be a more normal wineclub release in November, as we approach the winter season, both Thanksgiving and the turn-of-the-year festivities. The wines will be conventional, such as a Cabernet Sauvignon (great with beef), a big juicy Lisbon red, a tight and rather well balanced Fume Blanc, and finally a great full-oaked Chardonnay. Each of these wines should have a place at the Holiday table ... but there's no telling whether they'll make it! as they might just be tippled before the Holidays arrive!

Looking forward to see all of you, and especially, I'm looking forward to send you updates of the winemaking progress this year. After all, that's what you signed up on the email list for!

PS: There will be a special pour of the new Meritage this Friday.

Bob & Loreta
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