RELEASES + EBVA Event + EMail issues...

Folks, we sent out a very pretty newsletter (but rather complex) this last week to over 500 of our best email friends ... and we've come to learn that very few people actually received it. To be honest, this is something of a mystery. Very frustrating.

So, please accept my apologies if this message has been sent to you twice.


now... (510) 915-5463 • Pick up of Wineclub Release packs
July 25 1:00 to 3:30 PM • Summer Release
Aug 8 2:00 to 5:00 PM

• East Bay Vintners JACK-LONDON 16-winery event


The Wine Club packs have been selected (finally), and are ready to pick up. We are very pleased to be having an excellent line up of new 2007 and 2008 wines - Merlot, Primitivo, Cabernet Franc, Sangiovese.

SUMMER NEW WINE RELEASE Saturday July 25 - 1 to 4 PM

Irish Monkey is having a pairing foods with the brand new release wines. We are charging $10.00, covering both the wine tastes and paired foods. If you are a wineclub member, you we will credit the usual $5.00 tasting fee for you and your guests. We highly recommend letting us know by email if you can make it! The RSVP site is and it would be great to hear from you by Wednesday evening.

If you've never been to one of our release events, it is a lot of fun! Instead of the usual cheese and salame, we splurge on more foods that are suited for the wines themselves.


Don't forget the upcoming EBVA August 8th afternoon-on-Jack-London green multiple-winery tasting event. It was absolutely fabulous last year, with each winery paired to a high-end caterer or restaurant. The weather this year looks to be cooperating, so we hope you will considering visiting the website to purchase an online ticket. "The Irish Monkey" will pair this year (as last) with Chef Rudy of Alameda's C'era Una Volta Italian masterpiece restaurant.

If you have any questions that Bob can answer, please feel free to call him at (510) 915-5463

Bob & Loreta
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