Irish Monkey Cellars
2006 SyrBec™ - Napa & Lodi
$22 / 750 ml.

A few years back, winemaker Bob Lynch was faced with "the usual quandry of a small vintner" - not having enough of a variety to completely fill a barrel. However the two wines in question that were just enough were a fantastic Lodi Malbec and a complex dry Syrah from the Napa valley. The shipment of French Oak barrels had arrived, so the decision was made: use one, blend the two varieties, and see how the mysterious chemistry of "the wine in the barrel in the dark" would take over.

Much later it was tasted, and the results were simply eye opening. There was a kind of complexity that neither the Syrah nor the Malbec had on their own present. It was after repeating this experiment with similar results the following year that we decided to trademark the name, and make it every year!

SyrBec carries deep blueberry and leathery tones forward, with a kind of fresh dryness that is both surprising and good. We have found this wine pours well with the appetizers that come before dinner: all nature of sharp and medium cheeses, cured olives, savory breads, salami and coppa. It also works with Southeast Asian food, but its forte is the fruit-cheese-and-nut tray.


Temperature Cool Accentuates the fruit and the blueberry notes. The wine inevitably will warm to room temperature - if it remains in the glass that long. We have ample evidence that once people become accustomed to it, it literally 'disappears' before your eyes.

Medium bowl
& Tall

This is a case where a moderate stem will suffice. Keep the balloon-bowls for your Cabernet, and the flutes for your Sauvignon and Champagne. The mid-sized glass is SyrBec's friend.
Transition to

Cabernet Sauv.

The 'deep blueberry' component will compliment a following wine that has a higher tone, more fruit forward.