Irish Monkey Cellars
2007 Sauvignon Blanc - West Amador
$16 / 750 ml.

Everything about Sauvignon Blanc is refreshing. The variety is almost unique in that it has almost no yellow, pink, red or orange pigments, thus it produces an almost water-white to pale straw colored wine.

Our Sauvignon Blanc shows plenty of citrus fruit, an herbal grassiness and a substantial dry bite on the palate. It is perfect with both seafood and any freshly harvested vegetable dish that is reinforced with either spicy olive oil, or creamery butter. The citrus notes compliment the unique aromas of Middle Eastern fare as well.

Temperature Cold Accentuates the zingy citrus and tart sensations. Each glass will change as it warms toward room temperature, a nice effect.
Glass Narrow & Tall If we had our druthers, we would drink Sauvignon Blanc out of champagne flutes, for precisely the same reason: that the tight concentration of aromas of the SB are best kept in a glass that will preserve the cool servin temperature
Transition to

Pinto Grigio

In pairing, keep in mind that the 'next cup' may be comparitively dulled by the sensation of sharp tartness of the Sauvignon Blanc. So, choose a wine that emphasizes aroma over body, simplicity over complexity.