Irish Monkey Cellars
2007 Pinot Noir - Carneros


Pinot Noir is the quintessential grape of the Burgundy region of France - and rightly so: it has an elusive, fresh berry, almost strawberry and cherry like aroma, that with age takes on more substantial "new leather dress gloves" notes, as well as flint, cedar and vanilla like oak.

The Carneros region has become noted for its Pinot Noir because, like Burgundy, it has the cool maritime air year around, fog in the mornings, gentle but steady breezes to keep the damp air from vexing the fruit.

This vintage is very limited in bottle-count, so if interested, you should move quickly!

Temperature Cool Room Temp The slightly lowered temperature brings forth the fruit and focusses the palate .
Glass Tall, mid bowl The smaller bowl allows the fruit flavors to be concentrated, and keeps the fugitive high notes from fleeing too soon. The tall glass also encourages light swirling, just before each taste, which fills the bowl with fruit aromas and texture.
Transition to

Cabernet Sauvignon


In transition the follow-on wine should not showcase fruit, as it will just compete instead of compliment. The list to the left achieves this, but only in the 'usual case'. There are very powerfully fruity flavored Cabs and Petit Sirah's, which would be better served on a different sequence.